Time Capsule Contents: Contemplating the Recent Past and Near Future

Remember I said I would post about genealogy but also about contemporary things to leave a record for discovery 200 years from now? Well, this post is the first in what I’ll call the “Time Capsule” category.

It’s New Year’s Eve. What do we do? Reflect. Project. Regret. Hope.

This prompt for reflection is what I used to help me summarize 2014:



This post is dedicated to the 10 highlights:

10. Taking Josie for Christmas photos. She was in a great mood and tried to take direction from the photographer. When was the last time anyone heard of a 22 month-old taking directions like, “Can you put your hands on your hips?” when the child doesn’t know what a hip is? It was hilarious and completely sweet. I’ll never forget it, and I have photographs that I cherish with all my heart.

9. I finally heard my name spoken, by her own volition and and creation, “Nana.” OK, so it’s not unique. It’s a baby’s way to say “Grandma.” I’ll take it. Never did anything sound so sweet to me since my own kids called me “Mommy” the first time, but honestly, I can’t remember that, so this wins. About one month later, she called herself, “Gozie,” in a family picture. Nana’s heart melted.

8. George, Kristin and I ran in a memorial 5k in honor of our friend and best man, Jim Hart. “Get Your Rear in Gear” was a fundraiser for colorectal cancer. Yes, we are sitting on a toilet. It’s a theme.


7. Summer. I tried to enjoy every moment I could outside. Cloudy, rainy, dark winter days affect me negatively, so I’m constantly appreciative of light. I made a fairy-like hideaway under a pine tree in our yard for Josie and me which we enjoyed while eating watermelon and discovering lady bugs.

6. George and I went to a wedding in St. Joe Michigan in July for the daughter of one of my Girls Group friends. It was lovely, and we had fun.


5. George and Kristin and I went to Siesta Key. It is our favorite spot.


4. George and I went to an REO/Chicago concert. Kevin Cronin!


3. My high school was closed after a 50 year history. Thus began a siege of what I have called, “Sudden Onset Nostalgia.” Always a proud Rebel.

IMG_3266 IMG_3329 Old Linda photos0027

2. My kids purchased a DNA kit for me for Christmas, which prompted me to start this blog.

1. I met my running goal for 2014: 500 Miles. Although this number is quite low compared to others’ goals, it was a challenge for me. I was to hit 250 by June and did not make it. So most of that mileage has been since then, through weather, minor injuries and sheer exhaustion. And age. Did I mention my age? Not often do I set a goal in January and see it through to completion, so this is also about more than numbers. I feel elated, like I completed a year-long marathon. I did it!


Coming soon to a blog near you: My 10 Disappointments, Game Changers and Goals for 2015.


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