On Her 90th Birthday, to Her Great Granddaughter

This lovely woman celebrated her 90th birthday on December 10, 2015. She is my mother, Delphia Lucille Garrett Batt.


We had a small gathering at the MCL Cafeteria, a restaurant she enjoys, on December 5, and that is where this photo was taken.

I asked her for some words to pass on to Josie. This is what she said.

Dear Josie,

As I think of you on my 90th birthday, there are some things I want you to know and remember.

First of all, in all of my life, no matter what I was facing, the Lord has been with me and helped me through my hard times, and he will always help you.

He helped me through The Depression, WWII, and Grandpa Batt’s passing. Even when I wasn’t going to church regularly as a young adult, I believed when I prayed that God was with me, helping me, and he was. He always knew what was best for me.

Here is another example of that. When I was younger, I really wanted a baby girl, but I had a boy. Four years later, I had another boy. Four years after that, I had another boy. I thought that having a girl was not going to be part of my life. And then eight years after the last boy, my daughter was born. That baby girl was your grandmother, Linda. I believe she was born at exactly the right time in my life, an answer to prayer that came later than I wanted but worked out perfectly!

You are almost three years old now, but I enjoy remembering when you were just a few months old, how I rocked you at my house and you fell asleep. I like to think about how you liked music at such an early age. You liked it when I turned up the music and we danced with you!

I love for your Nana to tell me daily all of the cute things you say and do. I find myself smiling when I think of you or look at your pictures at my house. I worry when you are sick and pray for you. I love when you run to me for a hug.

I just want you to know that I care about every little thing in your life. I hope you always remember me and remember my prayers for you, that you grow up trusting in the Lord and grow up knowing your “Grandma Lou” loves you very much!

IMG_386716 weeks

IMG_3864 IMG_3863


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